3D Printing Tomorrow

There have been few technologies that cause disruption, from the wheel, to the steam engine and the most recently the personal computer.  However, there is a yet another technology poised to disrupt the modern world, 3D printing -or it’s technical name additive manufacturing.  Believe it or not 3D printing has been around since the 80’s when Chuck Hull was first credited with using UV light to cure resin into the form of a 3D object.  Since then the technology has come a long way and its limitations have been constantly pushed.  One may ask, how is it better, well in short 3D printing allows less material to be used and is versatile enough to print objects traditional manufacturing is unable to create or too lazy to consider.  Essentially, 3D printing sits at the crux of rapid prototyping and mass manufacturing.

That’s where the 3D printing club comes in, we are group of students who see the enormous benefit of the 3D printing technology.  As a club we work with the latest technology as well as optimize our current printers.  We also put on workshops to teach our members techniques to design and print their own creations and create opportunities  for our members to apply their design skills to real-world problems.  As 3D printing becomes more economical and takes over traditional manufacturing methods, members of the 3D printing club will be there to print tomorrow.